How to Grow Your Beauty Business on Instagram

Which social media platform is the guarantee of success for beauty specialists today? Of course, it’s Instagram. And luckily, it doesn’t need rocket science to grow your beauty business on Instagram. All you have to do is to know the drill and follow it.

If you are persistent and disciplined, the process is fairly simple.

But what is the drill for getting successful at Instagram?

We’ve covered it in detail here. Let’s grow your Beauty Business on Instagram!!

Optimize your account

Establishing and growing a brand requires a solid Instagram marketing strategy. You can go about growing your engagement by taking advantage of some basic strategies, including updating your profile with a link to your website and following, liking and commenting on other profiles in your field.

But before you go out there looking for new followers on Instagram, one of the most important steps is to have your account fully optimized.

 To set yourself up for success, you must have a bio, image captions, and a proper username or profile image.

Any time that you post onto Instagram to either share about yourself or reach out to relevant influencers in your fields of interest is an opportunity to reach interested users.

Baybi the app being used

If you’re planning on using an app like Baybi for your booking and payment system, we’d like to remind you to be sure that your Baybi account is linked with your Instagram bio, which will allow for an easier shopping experience for customers.

This will also drive sales. Those who follow other content creators might be more inclined to pay attention and share something that resonates with them when they see it pop-up in their feed!

Know the Algorithm

While the algorithm of Instagram – and any other social media platform – keeps changing, some rules never change.

Hashtags are the foremost rule of IG that never changes. Instagram takes topic clues from hashtags. So, you can ensure that your posts are reaching the right audience by using relevant tags.

For example, if you want to engage a follower for your hairstyling services, a proper hashtag will only present the post to those people who are interested in hairstyling services.

Other people who are interested in generic beauty services will be filtered out automatically.

Know Your Audience

Engagement is the key to brand development on social media (SM). And netizens engage on SM posts only when content resonates with them.

You might be offering the best services in the world and topping it off with the finest free knowledge in the whole industry. But if it doesn’t interest your readers, it’s useless for your brand.

So, the first step in developing your online image is knowing where your services meet your target customers and focusing more on that niche.

You would want to do some light market research, competitor analysis, and keyword testing in your industry to get a hang of it.

competitor analysis

Once you know what your audience wants from you, create real value. And present it in visually appealing formats like images, infographics, and reels.

Be You!

Why do people follow SM influencers more than they follow blogs? It’s because SM stars show their personality.

They are more relatable because their digital presence is backed by their human persona. SM users like to meet the ordinary human you are to believe you.

Let them meet you in your posts, videos, and reels. 

Schedule your Instagram posts

Instagram’s new algorithm ensures users see more of the content they want to see rather than unreliable recommendations.

Posting at the right times can still give your posts more visibility by increasing engagement that they receive. During your brand planning, brainstorm Instagram photo and caption ideas for upcoming events, deals or general creative direction.

While these calendars fill with content, it’s best to set aside dedicated days for creating and posting this fresh content. Then save your live feed to a separate list so you can quickly analyze what’s working and what isn’t through audience feedback and performance metrics.

Schedule your Instagram posts

Canvas is a great example of something that makes our lives easier as you can create content from millions of templates and then once you are ready to share it with the rest of the world, you have the option to schedule it to be posted on any day and time that works best for you.


Not only do you have to keep your audience engaged with your regular posts and updates but also have to reach out to potential followers through general engagement.

Follow other businesses in the beauty niche. Create value for them with comments, likes, and shares. Again, be yourself during this engagement and be authentic. Remember that these comments are influencing your online presence.

Buddy up with other influencers and go live together.

Gaining traction through reels

Using Instagram Reels gives people the chance to find your content more easily than it would normally be found had you only posted a standard photograph or video on your Instagram page.

Reels show up as individual posts that can be swiped away as opposed to being just part of a larger feed– and having this formatted so uniquely really helps draw people in by making people more mindful of the content itself.

Growing you Instagram with reels

For businesses, Instagram Reels also have this Shop feature which lets them showcase their products and services even if they don’t actually have an online store.

Sephora (@Sephora) links the products for every makeup tutorial posted. The products are displayed on Sephora using a direct link to the product page.

The visitor has the option to save, send, add to cart, or buy directly from the reel with just one click. Reels are sure to grow your beauty business on Instagram!

Take Away

Your brand on social media requires your consistent efforts with an elaborate strategy. You may not feel growth in the first few weeks or months. But people will start noticing your presence as keep showing up. With persistence and hard work you are sure to grow your beauty business on Instagram.

If you are interested in enhancing your small beauty business, Baybi is a powerful software tool that can be used to increase your reach and aim for higher numbers in areas like customer loyalty, new introductions, advertising effectiveness and so much more.

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